What do we do

we bend, weld, lacquer, complete

Our key technology is bending of hollow and full profiles of steel as well as nonferrous metals, accompanied by bending of wires and welding.

What do we do exactly? 

  • CNC bending machines enable us to bend fixed bends (using a fixed tool) or variable bends (using roll bending rollers). 
  • We can combine the fixed and variable bends as well as single sizes of the fixed bends within the framework of one bending cycle. 
  • For optimisation of production costs, we can supplement the bending cycle directly with a momentary shear of holes in the hollow profile. 
  • The CNC bending machine for the wires with an integrated wire straightener enables us to process material in a coil.
  • We can minimize transient and debugging times of all bending machines by a supporting measurement on a 3D arm. 
  • In robotic workplaces, which are all equipped with rotary tables and a positioning device, as well as in six manual workplaces, we use a welding method MAG. 
  • All our welding workplaces are connected to the company’s distribution of protective welding gas. 


Further, we technologically supported bending of the profiles by indexing of the input material, forming, drilling, interoperable cutting, powder coating or assembly.

What exactly are they? 

  • Our automatic indexing lines for the hollow and full profiles are supplemented by brushing units with the cleaning of indexed parts with compressed air. 
  • We can index more various lengths within the framework of the cycle (from a bar). 
  • We can (and we need not) to incorporate optional brushing to the working cycle. 
  • Our automatic indexing machine for nonferrous metals is supplemented by the brushing machine, that operates in a separate machine cycle from a reservoir and by air cleaning. 
  • We provide a high efficiency of indexing with regard to the possibility of multiple indexing (according to a diameter of the indexed bars in bundles). 
  • We perform forming and shearing on five eccentric presses up to 100 tons. 
  • We fitted a drilling workshop with many pedestal and beam drilling machines (up to Ø32 mm) with the possibility of a line arrangement for an operating multiple drilling. 
  • We arrange the technological interoperable or final cutting of the semi-finished products and products with a range of manual slitting automatic slitting saws – at that, a choice of cutting angle is a commonplace. 
  • We can cut the products or material with larger dimensions on a band sawing machine. 
  • We can put indexing of sheet metals and strips into practice on power shears. 
  • We can form the shape ends of pipings on a hydraulic forming (reducing) machine. 
  • We have a powder coating plant with its own surface pretreatment by ecological degreasing and we can also arrange for a surface blasting. 
  • We own three separate powdering booths with a technology of lacquer application by electrostatic as well as electrokinetic charge. 
  • We have a gas cellular furnace with three longitudinal suspension tracks. 
  • We can arrange for an assembly of elements with the assembling of a product, common or individual packaging and marking according to a wish of a customer. 
  • In case of interest in complete services, we can offer goods transport to the customers by our means. 


We arrange for facilities of the workplaces with necessary instruments, fixtures and tools by our own tool-making workshop.

What are the advantages of our own tool-making workshop? 

  • We have our own general-purpose lathes and milling machines, a slotting machine, a flatwise magnetic grinder, and an electric furnace for heat treatment, which allows us practically 100% self-sufficiency in the manufacture of the tools and fixtures. 
  • We ensure the manufacture of prototypes without serial tools. 
  • We also ensure a realization of machining (chip) operations on the semi-finished products of the serial parts. 

  • We offer a mediation cooperation of individual processes that are beyond our own capabilities, at proved suppliers – e.g. dimensionally excess operations or special heat treatment.